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                        MUSIC  AT  GRACE  CHURCH

Music is one of the  many ways we praise God.  We  have  two services  at  Grace Church and
a  vast  array  of  parishioners, musicians and vocalists. With that being said, our music choices
offer something for everyone....traditional hymnal hymns,  old school  gospel  and  new  school 
songs  of  praise.  While  our  magnificent  pipe  organ  caters to our staunch Episcopalians, our
grand  piano  offers  an  earthier,  more  down-home feeling.  Then  there's  our  contemporary  worship music at our 5th Sunday service  that   is   sure   to   make   you   clap  your  hands. 
If  it's  music  variety  you're looking for in a church, you've found it.

To Hear our Adult Choir sings treasured hymns from Lift Every Voice and Sing II, click here.