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Seeds of Grace  is  our  church  and  community garden that was born in 2016.  Seasonal  vegetables  and  fruits  are  grown  year round  for  our  parishioners,  friends,  family  and  church  neighbors.  The  idea  of  the  garden  is  not  merely  to  harvest  crops, but  also to harvest spirtual growth.  There  is  so  much  we can learn  by  having  a  relationship  with  nature.  We  hope  to  foster  a deep and ongoing love for what God gives to the earth. This type of reverence , we hope, mimics  our  daily   lives  in  our  walk  with  Christ.   Seeds  of  Grace  is  in  a partnership  with  many  other  organizations  in the church. In doing this, a special kinship and fellowship and sense of community is devolped throughout the church.